iPad Workshop 13th November 2019

iPad Workshop 13th November 2019


Have an iPad Pro but don’t know how to draw with it? Or maybe you’re looking to enhance your illustration skills and jump across to digital. Well this course is for anyone that has an iPad Pro and wants to learn how to draw with it.

You will learn:

  • How to use Procreate

  • Technical skills in drawing digitally

  • Using the Apple pencil

  • Drawing skills and working with layers

  • Much more

Jimmy Patch is a professional illustrator and graphic recorder that has worked for many companies around the work and helped them to communicate visually. Working to tight deadlines and learning to think creatively quickly, he has a firm knowledge of the inside outs of the iPad Pro as a drawing tool.

This workshop will require you to BYO iPad Pro and Apple pencil. You will also need to have Procreate installed on the device. Any questions? Shoot us an email to info@jimmypatch.com

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