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Creative Thinking and Storytelling


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All about the visual

The digital world is in a perpetual state of motion. As a business, it’s so hard to keep up with the changes and develop a unique brand. The good news is, we can give you that creative edge you’ve been looking for. At Jimmy Patch Creative we are all about the visual. We specialise in graphic recording, illustration, animation, workshops and pushing creative boundaries. From designing music videos to large scale conference graphic recording, no job is too big or small for us. We have collaborated with all levels of the professional world, from government departments to entertainment companies like Universal Music . The one constant: our passion to provide creative leadership and the best possible results for our clients.


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Graphic Recording

Graphic recording captures a presentation or conversation using hand-drawn illustrations and lettering. All happening in real-time, this process allows the audience to connect with a visual snapshot that lives on long after the event.

Jimmy Patch Creative can graphic record any session, presentation, discussion or meeting. With over 10 years of experience in graphic recording, we are leaders in this exciting new field. Our goal is to provide creative direction for our clients through engaging visual illustrations. With a focus on content first, we will deliver a highly accurate and engaging graphic recording of your session.

Our process is simple. We listen. We capture key ideas. We deliver a powerful visual narrative. We record in real-time and aim to have your final images cleaned, colourised (to your organisation’s palette), logos added, and content spell checked all on the same day. Our graphic recordings are captured with an iPad and projected onto a large screen for all participants to see. A digital graphic recording is clean, easily edited and high resolution.

Why use graphic recording for your meeting or event?

  • Provide a ‘bigger picture’ view to the group and the facilitator – everyone is on the same page

  • Encourage creative thinking and problem solving

  • Transform complex ideas into an engaging visual map

  • Combine ideas from a group of people into a collective vision

  • Capture key ideas, visualize goals and explore challenges

  • Reveal connections that may otherwise be overlooked

Social media content packs

Take your graphic recording a step further. A tailor-made social media pack can be crafted using key messages from your graphic recording session. Engaging and purposeful social media posts are a vital link between your business and its audience. A graphic recording tells your organisation’s unique story. Social media communicates that unique story to a global audience. We can design high impact content for any social media platform. Drop us a line for more information about tailored social media packs.


When can you use Graphic Recording?

Graphic recording is versatile

  • Presentations

  • Meetings

  • Conferences

  • Congresses

  • Work retreats

  • Speeches

  • Workshops



The Process

Getting graphic recording at your event is easy

  1. Tell us all about your session

  2. We’ll provide a quote

  3. We have a chat about requirements

  4. Graphic recording awesomeness happens

  5. You get a beautiful, branded collection of graphics from your event



Illustration is art and art is expression. We can produce illustrations for any application. At Jimmy Patch Creative, we can create t-shirt designs, poster illustrations and conceptual illustrations to name a few. There are great opportunities to explore and develop the best outcome for our clients.

Our illustrations are created using the latest technology, whilst adhering to traditional techniques to achieve the most unique outcomes. We have done illustrations for established brands, large scale corporations, entertainment industry professionals, government bodies and a variety of other organisations.

In 2016 the global company Engage Works approached us with a fascinating project. Let me set the scene. In Peru, poor waste infrastructure has caused widespread rubbish dumping. From the polluted earth, a surprising hero emerged: vultures. To locate these illegal dumps, vultures were fitted with tracking devices and led authorities to the sites. It was an ingenious solution to a problem that has plagued Peru for decades.

Engage Works had a vision for an illustration to tell the story of Peru’s unique crusade against pollution. We were challenged to communicate a complex message with just 2 graphics. The illustration evolved through the study of the local landscape and its creatures. Over a month a stunning visual emerged. We pride ourselves on giving every illustration time for creative exploration and development. We believe that the best illustrations have time to grow organically. 

Paul Kelly

Illustration at Jimmy Patch Creative

Digital Illustration

We love the digital at Jimmy Patch Creative and this is definitely the case with our illustrations. Each illustration begins and finishes as a digital artwork but at the same time is hand drawn.

Check out some Illustrations

Illustration projects we’ve done

We get a lot of cool projects through our doors

  • T-shirt design for the band DZ Deathrays

  • 3m x 9m digital illustration for a conference

  • A design for Hamish and Andy

  • Poster design for a gala event

We create better together. Whether it’s graphic recording or animation. We love our clients.


"We got in touch with Jimmy to help us to create a design to go hand in hand with our tour and communicate our show's style. We enjoyed the creative process to land on the final illustration and felt that Jimmy worked well to provide great creative direction. The final product was definitely well received."

- Jack Post, The Hamish and Andy Show


“I commissioned Jimmy to create a drawing showing the Cambium Smart City solution in early 2017. He was great to work with right from the start, took the pitch and created a great illustration that continues to receive compliments from all that see it. His illustration, has been very valuable in our marketing efforts. I recommend Jimmy’s skilful work and would have no hesitation from working with him in the future.”

- Roy Wittert, Regional Sales Director (Australia, NZ and Pacific Islands)



In this digital age, animation is an invaluable tool for marketing your business and promoting your brand. At Jimmy Patch Creative our northern star is to challenge the normal way of doing things with a unique approach for each client. Our high-quality animations can transform static ideas and products into a compelling story. 

Whether you are a corporate client looking to sell a complex business idea or a small business building a brand, we can make creative work for you. Where a reader may switch off to a drawn-out piece of writing, an animated video has the power to capture your audience from start to finish. Check out this animated video we created with West Village Brisbane!

We pride ourselves on collaborating with you through all production stages including:

·      Planning workshop with client

·      Scriptwriting

·      Storyboarding

·      Branding stylisation

·      Character design

·      Music supervision and licensing

·      Voice over talent

·      Voice over recording

·      Animation

·      Video editing